Therapy Services

Areas of emotional health I can support include birth, postnatal, prenatal, infant feeding, conception and trauma.

I work with a broad range of issues including anxiety, fears and phobias, which can have an impact on day to day life and sleep. We will discuss therapy plans once the initial consultation has taken place. 
The benefit of working with an integrative therapist is that I can work with you as an individual. I use several therapeutic modalities including, but not limited to, person centered counselling, psychoanalytical approaches, hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR Plus, hypno-CBT, positive psychology, solution focused and NLP.
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Working with relaxation, visualisations and breathing, we can work together to manage fear, pain and anxiety. I’ll be able to adapt the basis of the course to meet your individual concerns or areas you’d like to improve your mindset, accommodating questions and concerns throughout.

I trained with Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing in 2016 and I’ve worked with 100s of parents within a prenatal/birth/postnatal capacity. It is always a pleasure to be able to facilitate self-hypnosis to aid a positive birth in whatever form that takes. I also bring to the course knowledge and training in areas of feeding support, baby wearing, rebozo and aromatherapy. It’s an intensive course which provides parents with a full antenatal education and book, manual and audio recordings.

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Birth and Infant Feeding Reflections and Trauma Support

I work with many people with different reasons for coming to therapy, but one of the areas I specialise in is supporting those who need care and trust to work through difficulties concerned with birth and infant feeding. This also includes parenting struggles especially in those earlier years. I often use gentle counselling approaches, EFT, hypnotherapy and TBR 3 step rewind to build a therapeutic alliance in order to work through these often sensitive and emotional struggles.


EMDR Plus (including EFT)

The psychotherapeutic technique ‘Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing’ has been extensively researched. EMDR can be used for previously unresolved events, emotions and feelings, PTSD and other psychological trauma, which in themselves can contribute to long term stress related disorders and physical symptoms. As a rapid treatment which can be kept content free if required, many clients can benefit from psychological recovery. In addition to EDMR the element of EFT (tapping) is used.


Person Centered Counselling

An approach founded by Carl Roger where the client leads and an accepting, empathetic environment allows you to explore issues and beliefs. You'll be free to discuss and explore whatever it is that is troubling you, with trust and non-judgement.

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The therapeutic use of hypnosis, entering a state of altered awareness allows you become more open to suggestion during session. To enter this state deep relaxation is used. You can only make positive changes during hypnotherapy and you can't be made to do anything you don't want to, you are able to wake up when you want. Hypnotherapy often works well along other types of therapy to facilitate changes in your life for the better.

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Bereavement, Loss and Grief

Suffering an emotional loss or death can bring many emotions and people can be affected in many different ways for varying lengths of time. Coping with the loss of family members, pets and friends are some areas that can be supported with therapy. Working with loss can also be closely linked with unexpected events during birth and trauma surrounding birth. I also work closely with the often devastating loss of miscarriage and unsuccessful IVF, by gently working alongside clients to process some of their deeper and complex emotions.


Postnatal Doula Services

I offer support to some local parents who would like support during the postnatal period. Having trained with Birth Bliss Academy in 2016 I then became a recognised Postnatal Doula through Doula UK in 2017. Please have a chat with me if you'd like more information or to understand the support of having a doula during the postnatal period.



Virtually with video and audio via Zoom

In Person

In Horsell at my private Garden Practice


Walking in near by woodland or being in the Garden

Therapy Dog

I have a therapy dog on site to support clients if requested