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When I first came to Carly I was in a really good place with a few small anxieties regarding my upcoming labour. Carly really took the time to explore these with me and helped me to understand the origin of my concerns.

She then used visualisations and guided relaxations to help me to overcome my concerns and left me feeling so confident and excited for the birth of my baby.

A few weeks later I suffered a completely unexpected and traumatic bereavement. It was at this point that Carly’s expertise, kindness and empathy really became so evident. She created a safe space for me to talk openly and honestly about both my upcoming birth and my grief. I have felt totally supported and also empowered by the conversations that we have had. The relaxation scripts that she prepared for me were extremely comforting and have helped to restore a sense of calm to my upcoming birth.

I couldn’t recommend Carly highly enough, not only is she very professional with a wealth of knowledge, she is also caring, calm and passionate about supporting her clients.


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We used Birch Wellness for our prenatal Hypnobirthing sessions and it was hands down the best decision we made during the pregnancy.

From the very beginning Carly was so warm and friendly, she has tons of empathy and really takes the time to listen to you, what your goals for the sessions are and any concerns you may have. She has a huge wealth of knowledge both from her own experience as a mum and the variety of work she does both pre and postnatal.

We had the sessions as a private couple instead of a group and this meant that Carly was able to really tailor the session to us as a couple. She fully included my husband in every aspect which meant that he felt empowered as the birth partner and when it came to the birth he was able to implement many of the techniques we were taught which came in very handy when the birth process changed. We can not thank Carly enough for the support she gave us right up to the birth and we would not hesitate to use her services again.


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Had our second day of our course today with Carly and just as great day as the first!

I have learned so much and feel like I really can do this! The knowledge myself and my partner now have means that we can go into our birth feeling confident and re assured that our baby and my body know what to do. I am looking forward to sharing our story!!

Thank you Carly!



I'm pleased to say that I achieved the birth I always wanted & welcomed my little girl into the world the day after my own birthday with just the aid of gas & air. I truly believe that what Carly taught me helped put me in the best place mentally & I can't ever thank her enough for that. The last thing she said to me before the birth was 'You've got this!' & I did :) Carly, you are AWESOME!!!


My husband and I took a group course with Carly. We found Carly's approach and the course material extremely helpful, empowering and enjoyable. We now look forward to the birth of our baby and feel much more confident about the bits that we can control and have influence over. The course has taught me a lot about the process of birth and how my body, mind, husband and baby can work together to give ourselves the best chance of a calm and straightforward birth. Carly was brilliantly informative and reassuring and I cannot recommend her courses enough! Thanks Carly!


Carly was great from the outset. She responded to my initial query speedily and effectively, and we were able to speak on the phone ahead of the course for her to assess my needs. She came to our home and made my husband and I feel at ease immediately. I have also come away knowing that she will be available to me with any post course queries and advice. All in all, a very positive experience!


Thank you Carly for being such a lovely, informed and reassuring Hypnobirthing teacher. You have been a wonderful guide through the course and I feel fully prepared and confident about a calm, relaxed and happy birth. The relaxation techniques will be hugely beneficial throughout the birth and beyond. I will be recommending you to all my pregnant friends.


I've always been terrified of childbirth - and hearing horror stories from friends didn't exactly help. So when I fell pregnant six months ago a lot of friends were saying how wonderful Hypnobirthing was and that it might help. Even though Carly was quite far from where we live, she came highly recommended so I decided she was worth travelling to. The course was at her home and there was only one other lady there so it was a lovely small group. Carly talked through everything thoroughly and the relaxation techniques were great. I am not due for another couple of months but I feel so much better about everything now & a lot more positive, I know that the techniques she taught will help throughout the process but I also feel so much more informed about every aspect, from what medical procedures may be offered to what to expect when I go into labour. Thanks for putting my mind at ease Carly and for all the wonderful tips.


Carly is a fantastic teacher, my partner and I enjoyed her hypnobirthing course so much and feel so inspired as we head towards the birth of our first child. Thank you Carly.


Carly was very sensitive and empathetic towards our personal circumstances and experience. We were quite unprepared for the emotional and practical whirlwind of bringing home a tiny baby and the blur of colic, feeding and sleeping patterns, not to mention hormones, recovering from a c-section and change of family dynamics; all of which Carly supported us with.

She has been an invaluable source of emotional and practical support for the whole family. She is a great listener, asks open questions, encourages you to find your own answers. She is very calm and considered and is very knowledgeable about birth, the post natal period and breast feeding; all of which is evidenced based and is underpinned by detailed research and continued professional development.



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